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John William Campbell

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Stallings Funeral Home, P.A. We offer our most sincere condolences for your loss.
James Jarvis John was a good man, he treated everyone with respect. Also he was true American hero. He will be miss. God's speed.
His Cousins in Portland, Tom and John Healy Jack was someone we knew our entire lives and regarded as an older brother. His capacity for enthusiasm was one of his most endearing traits. Whenever he became excited about something, whether it be his fraternity at the University of Oregon, his sports heroes, his career in the Army, he was able to convey his excitement to all who listened. We just can't believe we will no longer be able to listen to him talk about the things and people he cherished.
Tom and John Healy As cousins of Jack, we have known him our entire lives and have always thought of him as our older brother. We always marveled at his enthusiasm for the people he knew and the things he did and enjoyed listening to him convey this enthusiasm. It is very sad that we will not be able to listen to him again but in our hearts we can still feel the enthusiasm that infused him.

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