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Stallings Funeral Home, P.A. We offer our most sincere condolences for your loss.
Jimmy McConnell My Sincerest Condolences to you & your Family
Kayla Knode Mawmaw, you are more than just a grandmother to me. You are another mother. You raised and shaped me into who I am today. You taught me how to cook,how to love and laugh and most importantly how to be an amazing mother to Ella. You hold a place in my heart that nobody else can fill. I will forever get phantom smells of you scrambled eggs and waffles and will also hear your faint whisper asking "can I have a little bite?". I love you more then I can ever describe. I will see you again one day. You are forever missed.
Ella Snow Maw maw, I'm sorry that you cant watch me grow into the amazing and beautiful woman that I will become. I still say your name all the time when mommy's on the phone, in Hope's that shes talking to you. I love you so much and mommy promise to tell me all about you my whole life so you will never be forgotten. I miss you maw maw. Mwah.😘
May May To the sweetest most wonderful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting may you rest peacefully you will be missed for a life time and loved for an eternity thank you for being a part of my life I love you maw maw
Jean I will forever be so grateful for all that you have ever done for me and my family . I will miss you coming into my work looking for me to give me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and whisper in my ear how proud you are of me . Those words meant so much to me , I will miss you so much
Jennifer Knode You Will truly be missed. Rest in peace now
Keith Kuchli. (Your most awesome Son-in-law) Mom, Thank you for giving birth to the most beautiful and greatest girl I've ever laid eyes on and Thank You welcoming me into your family and treating me as good as my own Mother does. I love you and I'll always miss you.
Karoline Kuchli thank you for everything, from the childhood sleepovers to the spooky movie nights. youve made a huge impact on my life and you will live on through my memories. you will always be remembered as such a strong and loving woman. you are so dearly loved and missed.

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