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Stallings Funeral Home, P.A. We offer our most sincere condolences for your loss.
David S. Oppliger Mom It has only been a few days and I already miss you a lot . I miss our conversation every night to make sure your OK and I’m “OK . I want to thank you for the last 53 years of making my life mean something. Through good times and bad, and I know I put you through many bad times but you were always there for me to lend a helping hand even when you had nothing. When you got sick many years ago, I felt overwhelmed with everything Deb and I had to do for you, but I now realize, that it’s all part of the learning process you had for me to make me stronger. I have several trinkets of yours that are now in my home office that will remind me everyday, how important you were to me in my day to day life. Till we meet again. Keep a eye out for Bill at the Pearly Gates, he is waiting for you. P.S. Kit Kat is fine, and the poochies are fine WITH ALL MY LOVE YOUR SON Dave
Rob White Dee was a special lady. We all loved to see her come in the door at work. You knew she was coming in with all the latest gossip about who was working where and who had left and what was the latest about all the addiction programs. She had a positive attitude about things that she carried with her everywhere. It was always fun to see her and catch up on things. Many times she knew more about what was going on in my program than I did. She was also a dedicated recovering person. She was devoted to "the cause" and was a solid member who had many years of sobriety. I will always remember her as a warm, caring person and a good friend.
Jim Quinn Dee will be missed. She helped carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic with passion and love.
Nicole I am so sorry you're not with us anymore, Grandma. I know your life hasn't been easy the past several years and hopefully now you can have some peace and be with your husband, Grandpa Bill. I know everyone that knew you will miss you greatly, including me, that’s for sure. And I also know you’ll be looking down on us every day and watching over us. We miss you already, Grandma. Love, Nicole
Carl Pastor My thoughts and prayers are for you and your family. It was just last week that I asked a mutual friend about Dee. She will be missed
Barbara Quinn McKenna My heart is aching today thinking of Dee's passing. Thank God that Bill preceded her. I think she was waiting. They were a lovely couple. Now they can be together with all the recovering souls in Heaven. I will miss them always. Love and Prayers, Barbara McKenna
Peggy Curran Burns Dee, you will be missed both in the AA community and the treatment community. Our paths crossed on so many occasions and you always were ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. You touched hundreds of lives and made them better for having known you. I know you are happy and at peace with Bill. Thanks for your memories and please hug my kids for me. Love you Peggy :)
Deborah L. Oppliger Dee, You ended one journey in life & left behind family & friends who love & miss you very much to begin a new journey to be with family & friends who left before you. Dave & I have some comfort knowing that your pain & suffering has come to an end. You leave us with many memories that cannot be taken away.Say hello to Bill & my Mom for me please. Until we meet again enjoy your new journey. Love Deb
R Gray My condolences to the family during this difficult time. I am truly sorry for your loss. Please find comfort and hope in God's promise at Revelation 21:3,4.

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