Caskets come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The ability to display all the caskets we have available within the web site is overwhelming. Caskets are made of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze and eight varieties of hardwood. Caskets have a broad selection of interior materials, colors and design to meet the needs of the families we serve. Caskets have a wide variety of exterior features as well. Rounded or square corners, various colors and color combinations, modest to premier hardware combinations and stationary or swing-bar hardware. Families we serve choose a casket for burial purposes and also for cremation services. We have had a long-standing relationship with a local supplier since we went into business in 1990. Our supplier is associated with one of the largest casket manufacturers in the country and has the ability to customize insert panels, personalize the exterior of the casket and has excellent delivery six days a week. Our supplier has been in business since 1870 and is the areas primary casket distributor for much of this time. Please contact us for any further information regarding caskets, casket prices and the large selection of caskets we offer. Memorials: Keepsake Jewelry:

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